My name is Salma and I am a 23 year old insurance agent, I know it sounds boring haha! Apart from insurance I also am a marketing specialist in the insurance industry while managing my side business as a marketing consultant for local small businesses. Throughout my childhood and up to my freshman year of college I was always active in sports. However, school took most of my time and I slowly stopped working out and taking care of myself. The start of 2021 was the most difficult and life changing for me, I made decisions that were extremely tough but ultimately rewarding. However, I was not feeling myself, the image I would see of me in the mirror was not attractive to me at all.


 Like any other person, TikTok and Instagram was my distraction where I would watch influencers talk about their transformations and how proud they were of their progress. I honestly wanted to have their body but I was not doing anything to get it 🙃. A year ago today I started taking my fitness and health seriously, I signed up at W3 where I could feel comfortable. I recorded myself working out and now looking back at them I can see my progress. I use social media now as a way to learn correct forms and customize my own workout routines, meal intake, etc, that have given me results that I am in love with. I’ve gotten to know how my body works and how strong it is by pushing my limits every workout. Being at an all women gym honestly helped me become confident with lifting and trying workouts I never would’ve. I’ve also learned and continue to learn about what I like and dislike for example: I honestly enjoy working out on my own, on lower body days I listen to Reggeaton, upper body days it’s R&B, and cardio well…. anything that will get me through it honestly lol.  


Anyway, my fitness journey has been tough/challenging but I can’t see myself without working out. I finally know the meaning and feeling behind the phrase: Love Yourself.