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who we are

Our Philosophy

W3Body, A Women’s Gym, is the new and modernized Women’s Workout World. We carry the same strong, women empowerment concepts from Women’s Workout World and its inception in 1982. When we take the time to do something positive for ourselves, and we feel good about making our health a priority, other aspects of our lives will be positively affected, too, and our lives will change for the better. Our goal is to help you see that and make these positive life changes come to fruition!

At W3Body, we celebrate the victories, even the small ones, and we are here to help our members every step of the way in their fitness journeys.

Think of us as a boutique fitness studio inside of a big box gym- all for women! We are woman-owned, women-run and women-focused. Why? Because we, as women, know the female body and can relate to the challenges you might be facing. We know it can be a struggle to wear many hats in life, to find the time amid a busy schedule to focus on yourself and to make yourself a priority when you usually put yourself last- we get it- but we’re here to help you realize that making yourself a priority- even if it’s just 1-2x per week for 30 minutes- is WORTH it! Without your health, wearing those many hats would be a lot tougher, so we work on building strong foundations and strong women.

We believe that strong is beautiful, and if we can help you be strong physically, we know that you’ll be personally stronger overall, too!

We believe that everyone should feel welcome here, to “come as you are and be all you want to be.” That’s why you’ll feel a positive, invigorating energy the moment you walk in, as if you’ve entered an oasis where you can always be yourself and leave your hectic, stressful life at the door. And this is what differentiates us from other gyms.

Whereas other Chicagoland gyms treat you as just another member, we stress individual needs and make sure you meet your goals. We have an exercise program for every woman, whether you’re brand new to a gym (anywhere from 13 years old and up), you’re pregnant and would like to stay healthy and active, you stopped working out and would like to get back in shape, or you just want to maintain the body you have now, W3Body gives you the edge and the motivation you need!

You only have one body and one chance to take care of it.

Check out our “What We Offer” page to see the different classes, equipment and training programs that we offer!


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