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Cardio, strength and mind-body classes- we have it all- and we have something for every body at W3Body! Take one of our fun and invigorating classes today!

Looking for a more bootcamp-style, HIIT type of class? Check out our TEAM Training sessions.

Need more guidance in strength training and want the guidance and accountability of a trainer in an affordable way? Check out our small group personal training program!

Group Fitness Classes

A fusion of Latin and international dance and fitness inspired movements, Zumba allows participants to dance away their worries by experiencing the following: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaetone, Samba, Belly Dancing and more! Each workout combines fitness interval training with dance designed to tone and sculpt the body while burning calories and fat. Ditch the workout and join the party! We have Zumba almost everyday, and the beautiful thing about Zumba is that each instructor is different. He/she chooses his/her own movements, songs and choreography, so you’ll always get a different workout each time you join this fun class!

Turbokick is an addictive workout that combines shadow boxing, kickboxing, sports drills, dancing, yoga and simple dance moves in a FUN Party atmosphere! You’ll kick, punch and groove the calories away in this action-packed, super fun, safe and effective cardiovascular workout. Burn up to 1,000 calories per hour in the HOTTEST kickboxing class around!

Pursue ultimate muscular endurance in this group strength training workout with body bars and free weights. HardBody is a W3 signature class that sculpts your muscles and boosts your metabolism through resistance training for women. Control the intensity of the burn by your choice of weight selection.

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Rock your core in this fat-blasting, amazing ball workout! Inspired by Turbokick, this workout uses the same core defining moves but zones in on targeted areas using the ball. You’ll combine hard-core cardio drills to burn fat with intervals of body sculpting ab sections. Motivating music and ab blasting intervals equals rockin’ results! KCB is also a W3 signature class that you can’t find anywhere else!

Step Jam uses the step board and risers to give you a challenging, fun, high-energy cardio class while toning your legs as you step on/off/over/around the board. The class challenges your mental focus, too, as you learn different combinations and choreography to keep your body challenged and guessing as you progress through this cardio class!

 Cardio Flex is a mix of cardio and weights. Sounds simple, right? This class will challenge you! Sometimes the cardio sections are drills-based. Sometimes they use the step board to alternate step jam combinations with basic weights. Get that heart pumping and those muscles fired up with the combination of cardio movements and strength movements in between! Rev that metabolism during class and get that post-class high calorie burn, too!

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STRONG Nation combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation. STRONG Nation is not Zumba; think less dance and more HIIT movements- all to the beat of the music with incredible sound effects sure to keep you moving, motivated, and having fun!

Sometimes we like to mix it up and add some strength training to our cardio classes. This class is the best of cardio and strength. Get 30 minutes of FUN, cardio-focused Zumba songs and 30 minutes of basic free weights to give you a total body workout!

Sometimes we like to mix it up and add some strength training to our cardio classes. This class is the best of cardio and strength. Get 30 minutes of FUN, cardio-focused Zumba songs and 30 minutes of basic free weights to give you a total body workout!

TEAM Training

Think HIIT classes in a boutique fitness studio. That’s TEAM Training- W3Body Functional training style. TEAM Training kind of looks like a bootcamp: stations- switching- intervals- AMRAPS- core- strength- quick cardio bursts. You have a trainer guiding you and motivating you to do your best each and every class. Every class is TOTAL BODY, and every class will always be different. Max of 16 women with 1 trainer. You’ll use functional “toys” such as kettlebells, ropes, BOSUs, sliders, medicine balls, sleds, TRX, rowers, ski-ergs, boxes, bands, ladders, and more!

We also offer TEAM Boxing, which is a boxing-focused TEAM training session. The best part? These TEAM classes are challenging, but because they’re in a group where you’re working out next to ladies who have similar goals to you and are working just as hard… they’re FUN!

Check out our Instagram page for live class videos and photos!

Small Group Personal Training

Have a trainer in a small group setting (max of 4 with one trainer). Focus on strength training and learning proper technique. Be held accountable for your fitness goals that you want to achieve. There are no big cardio drills in small group PT. Think one-on-one personal training- just delivered up to 4 people. Your trainer will push you to push past your limits, break down those muscles and teach you how to properly strength train so that your muscles build back up stronger each and every time you recover post workout!



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