My name is Diana. Before the pandemic, I worked as an assistant for a well-known advertising agency downtown. I was living in the city for over 5 years at that time. I was also going to grad school part-time, working on my master’s degree. I spent my free time working part-time gigs as a hostess or go-go dancer. One could say my life was hectic and I’d agree. When the pandemic hit, I rushed home to help take care of my family. Back then we thought the pandemic would only last a week or two, after the second month of quarantine we realized the severity of it all and I decided to break my lease in the city and permanently move back home till things got better. Suddenly my life went from non-stop chaos to stuck at home 24/7. I went from living alone to living in a full house.

Working out was the only time of the day I had to myself. I truly missed the moments alone I used to take for granted when I lived in the city. I realized the best chance of having that again would be at the gym. So once gyms opened back up, I must have been one of the first to sign up without hesitation. I joined the first gym that opened. I quickly realized how difficult it would be to find the right gym for me. The first gym wasn’t very safe. Reports of items being stolen, and unsanitary conditions was very common at this gym. The second cared very little for the wellbeing of their guest. Zero covid precautions and this was before the vaccine was fully accessible to all.  I wasn’t comfortable at any gym until I found Woman Workout World. I found a gym with honest women, serious about their fitness. I went almost every day. It was the only time I had to myself. My time to regroup and recharge.

Coming into the second year of the pandemic, I graduated grad school and quit my full-time job for an internship that paid me less than half of what I made before. Times became incredibly stressful for me, but on my hardest days, I found that running helped me through those moments. I realized running takes the least amount of focus to do and I can give my brain a break for a while and just vibe out. So that’s what I did. No matter the day when I walked into women’s workout world I’m always greeted by friendly faces. I’d come in feeling stressed but leave feeling a lot better. Whether from my run or the fun I’d have participating in one of their group classes, Women’s workout world was my mental health haven.

 One of the best things about Women’s Workout World is the support they give to their community. They have hosted events that support women and small business around the area. Many of whom workout at the gym. After my internship I accepted a position helping multimillion dollar brands advertise their products around the nation. A personal goal of mine is to some day help small businesses grow using the skills I build working for these major brands. I find that so many incredible women entrepreneurs’ working out at this gym as a sign that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and hope to one day get the opportunity to help these women, best I can, grow their business. You never know the amazing people you could meet at the gym and women’s workout is a testament to that. It’s great to see local businesses supporting others inside and outside the gym. I’m very happy to be supporting Women’s Workout World and so pleasantly surprised at how much this gym has helped me throughout the pandemic. Both physically and mentally.