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The Power of Strength Trainig

As we get ready to open our new women-only training gym in Elmhurst, IL, we want to share some thoughts on the power of strength training for women!

Do you know what’s awesome? How often I have heard this phrase from women lately: “I just want to get stronger.”

I have worked in women’s fitness for 15+ years, and talking about getting stronger was never the priority for women. It was all about cardio. “I want to do cardio to lose weight,” or “I want to tone.” Where I understand the sentiment behind “toning,” which is essentially the physical appearance of getting stronger, the words behind it had a different meaning. 

Now I hear “I want to get stronger” because we are realizing the power that strength training has and the positive effects that it has on our lives. YES it helps with fat loss and helps with toning. We want to be lean and healthy, no doubt. It also helps with bone density, which is important as we age. But what about all of the other benefits that no one really talks about? Such as…

  • Moving through everyday life without pain
  • Being able to play with our kids and grandkids with ease
  • Giving us an outlet for anxiety and stress
  • Providing mental toughness to push through uncomfortable moments and exercising that part of the brain
  • Giving us other types of goals to strive for outside of the typical physique-type of goals
  • Giving us independence to do the things we want because we are STRONG women
  • Not allowing a lack of strength to hold us back in anything! 
  • Insert your own personal reason here… The point is this: strength training gives us (as women) power because being strong far outweighs being weak, and that strength transfers over to other parts of our lives. How we do one thing is how we do everything, and working hard to get and stay strong will have a long-lasting impact on us and those around us! 

Strong is Beautiful!!

We can’t wait to open our new women-only training gym in Elmhurst in October & help you feel that way!

Click to watch a fun video highlighting some of our programs.

Just an fyi ladies- our tier 1 promotions are almost over… which means prices will increase this week. If you’ve already taken advantage- AWESOME & thank you!! You can refer friends to receive an extra week free + some pretty cool W3 swag! 

If you haven’t taken advantage yet… there is still time, but I would jump on it asap! If you can’t make it out to meet us to sign up in person- no worries! We can send you a link to do it online. 

Reach us via: call/text 630-698-4492 or email us at

I would love to help see if W3Body, a Women’s Training Gym is the right fit for you!! 



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