Do you ever wonder what to believe when it comes to fitness and fat loss? There is SO much information out there, and the health and fitness world seems to go through polarizing trends. Should I do cardio? Should I fast? Should I eat only fats and butter and avoid all carbs? The constant inundation of contradictory information is overwhelming! If you don’t study this stuff for a living, how are you supposed to know what to believe or where to start?! 

Well we can point you in the right direction of what not to believe and give you a solution on where to start with your fitness goals. 

Here are the 5 most common myths of fitness and fat loss: 

  • You need to do cardio to lose weight. False…. Where cardio is great for your heart health, it’s not your go-to workout for fat loss.
  • Carbs make you fat… False. You need carbs for energy! What makes you gain fat is by being in a caloric surplus. If you’re overeating and taking in more calories than you’re burning each day, you will put on weight regardless of where those calories are coming from.
  • Lifting weights makes you big and bulky… so false! Lifting weights makes you strong, lean, and healthy. It’s very important for fat loss in addition to helping your bone density and getting you STRONG & fit for life! 
  • “I don’t have time to workout” – Your priorities are what get your time. You make the time for what you deem a priority. Plus you do not need to workout for hours to the point of no return. How about start with 2x per week… 30-45 minutes. What is currently taking 30-45 minutes of your time just TWO times each week that you could give up? Your health and longevity will thank you for it! 
  • You need to train each body part individually for best results… so false! Do you only move your legs in everyday life but not your arms? Do you not engage your core when you stand up, sit down, or pick something up? You absolutely do! We move in multiple planes and use multiple muscles at once on a regular basis outside of the gym. Why would you train your body any differently when you workout? Functional strength training is the way to go!

Seems like a lot to digest and figure out… so here’s a bonus myth (solution!) for you: 

  • Hiring a professional and getting a personal trainer is the best way to get results (ok.. TRUE!), but there is no way I can afford a trainer multiple times per week….(false!) We have a solution for you! Check out our semi-private personal training program. It’s the best way to have a personal trainer. You can train 4-5x more often for a FRACTION of the cost! Imagine getting incredible results… you lose weight.. get toned… get super strong with the accountability you need in a more fun environment… for 80% LESS! Win-win all around! 

Luckily we offer just that + an option to work on your cardiovascular health in our TEAM training program- all with personal trainers, a fun community and a women-only environment. 


No need to worry about contradictory information or where to start anymore! All we need you to do is show up, and we’ll take care of the rest!