Women of Fitness: Maria A.

Soy una persona que se levanta positiva y con la intención de ayudar a quién lo necesite y que me gusta mi trabajo.

Claro que me ha ayudado gracias a la oportunidad que tuve de entrar al gym. He creído más en mi y hacer mas alegre (que no lo era antes).

Estoy orgullosa de que he logrado cosas que jamas pensé que iba a lograr y a creer mas en mi 🙂
Me motiva a seguir luchando por lo que quiero. Y sé que lo conseguiré. Mi amor me dijo hace poco amorcito como te llego a gustar tanto el ejercicio si tu no eras así (jajaja) y le dije pues mira lo que hace el gym: La energía y alegría que da 🙂

Lo triste que fue mi adolescencia que quizás no recibí el cariño que esperaba y necesitaba; por eso, ahora yo doy el cariño, la ayuda y apoyo a otras personas en el gym, en mi trabajo, y a las personas cercanos a mi.

~Maria A.

Women of Fitness: Sofia G.

I’m a high school English teacher for Morton East, my home district. Education is my deepest passion. I’m a social activist that promotes education at a global scale for underserved communities. I pass out backpacks and school supplies to children and families. I’ve opened a non-profit with a great team by the name of Project 214, in honor of my first classroom number. I used to teach kids in trouble from Chicago. Some of which died as a result to gang violence. I combat this issue of gang violence as a result. That started a passion in my heart to reach as many kids as I could through the power of compassion and education. I’ve traveled to Central America, specifically El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama. I just got back from Panama this summer. I train to stay focused, strong, and powerful for kids who need a voice. My classroom is my destiny, I’m more than a teacher, but an activist that will advocate for marginalized youth based on their ethnicity and social status. I also champion for an international campaign called Let Girls Learn. This was started by Michelle Obama. Millions of girls are out of school at a global level, leaving them prey to getting trafficked, married off early, illiterate, and early childbirth. I’m part of this national conversation. You educate a girl and you can change not only her life, but her community.
I’m also a mother and wife and need to be healthy and well for my family.
My faith in God also shapes a huge part of my existence and is the driving force behind my desire to live a healthy and full life.
Read through a few blog posts to really capture what I’m passionate about in more detail. This will really share my passion and who I am.
Yet, I give some much credit to my fitness journey that has empowered me physically and mentally to function with power in the areas of my life that matter to me.

If you want to read more about Sofia and her cause, follow the links below:

Here’s my Website: www.project214.net

My blog: https://sofiag1.wordpress.com/