Women of Fitness: Teresa H.

My name is Teresa, outside of the gym I raise my two children full time. I can’t put into words how many ways my gym has helped me with everyday life.

I was in a debilitating car accident that changed my life. I have always been active; however for a period of 5 years, I was healing from back surgery. During this period, I was not healthy or active and very depressed. I just had my first child, and I knew I had to make changes otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to function or care for my child properly. My cousin encouraged me to join the gym literally a few steps from my house and I have never looked back.

At first it started with machines and then when confidence came I went into lifting with much guidance and care from instructors. I truly appreciate these instructors who have encouraged me, and taught me correct form so as not to injure myself. Functional training especially has allowed my body to move with little or no pain. That changed my life for the better.

I have also created lasting friendships with others at this gym. I felt very alone before I went to the gym. I wasn’t from this area before I married and moved here with my husband. I now have the best support system I could have ever wished for; these people not only care about me but they love my children, too. I’m very fortunate and blessed.

Women of Fitness: Maria A.

Soy una persona que se levanta positiva y con la intención de ayudar a quién lo necesite y que me gusta mi trabajo.

Claro que me ha ayudado gracias a la oportunidad que tuve de entrar al gym. He creído más en mi y hacer mas alegre (que no lo era antes).

Estoy orgullosa de que he logrado cosas que jamas pensé que iba a lograr y a creer mas en mi 🙂
Me motiva a seguir luchando por lo que quiero. Y sé que lo conseguiré. Mi amor me dijo hace poco amorcito como te llego a gustar tanto el ejercicio si tu no eras así (jajaja) y le dije pues mira lo que hace el gym: La energía y alegría que da 🙂

Lo triste que fue mi adolescencia que quizás no recibí el cariño que esperaba y necesitaba; por eso, ahora yo doy el cariño, la ayuda y apoyo a otras personas en el gym, en mi trabajo, y a las personas cercanos a mi.

~Maria A.